September 1, 2010

Well I knew blogging about burritos was (un)questionably (un)original when I decided to make this book. There is this really cool site that does on-going coverage of bay area burritos: . I don’t know the people who make it, but it’s clear they’re good men, and thorough. Thanks to the commentors who pointed it out…



August 30, 2010

This is my favorite burrito. Pictured is regular carnitas. 


August 29, 2010

You could argue this is the paradigm for the Mission burrito (big, cheap, tasty). Pictured is a regular chicken.


August 28, 2010

I love El Metate for selling burrito’s $5 out the door ($6 for super). Super good and affordable, but admittedly slim, this is a perfect lunchbreak burrito. Pictured is a super carne asada.


August 27, 2010

Not sure if anyone will agree with me, but I think this spot is totally underrated. Everything on the menu is good, and the burritos are a nice size. Pictured: super pollo asado;


August 26, 2010

Picking the 5 best is hard. I’m torn because El Tonayense also serves awesome veggie burritos, at a better price. But there is something special about Papalote. Another frequent winner of Best of the Bay. It is friggin delicious. I love that orange salsa. Pictured here is the super grilled veggie (eggplant and zuchinni). Far as I know, this place is good for the community too, they seem to always sponsor cool hiphop events.

Note from the editor

August 25, 2010

The 2010 Mission Burrito Book is almost over. What can I say. Anyway, it has been an amazing experience, eating all of these burritos. 

 The rest of the month, I’ll post my 5 favorites, counting down to #1. Thank you if you read or like my blog!…–Manuelito

I was always prejudiced against this place because of the ridiculous fast-food looking exterior. It was an OK burrito, nothing to blog home about. $5.60. SIZE:…3/5   PRICE:…3.25/5   MEAT:…2.75/5   OVERALL:…3/5   WEBSITE

This might be the biggest burrito I’ve encountered so far, athough I could argue the size barely compensates for below average taste and quality. For instance, questionable carne asada. And they use regular sour cream instead of crema. $6.99. SIZE…4.75/5   PRICE…3.5/5   MEAT:…1.25/5   OVERALL:…3.16/5   WEBSITE

Meh. I’d never heard anyone talk about this place, I know why. Mediocre’s the word. Special=super-crema. $6.82. SIZE:…2.75/5   PRICE…3/5   MEAT:…3/5   OVERALL:…2.92/5   WEBSITE