August 8, 2010

Pancho Villa should be ashamed of themselves. Cause of it’s location and giantness alot of people go there. This a terrible deal burrito. The carne asada is pretty good, but it’s $7 for a REGULAR BURRITO that is small. I’m actually still hungry. I don’t eat here, or El Toro even though it’s right next to my apartment because it’s the same owners. $7.00. SIZE:…1.5/5   PRICE:…1.5/5   MEAT:…3/5   OVERALL…2.00   WEBSITE



  1. csagould said

    Although I agree whole-heartedly with the author’s above-mentioned criticisms, I would like it to be known that there was a time in it’s history when Pancho was home to a burrito so delicious and affordable that it seemed criminal.
    For a decade or more, Pancho Villa straight killed salsa competitions, and for good reason. I used to drink that red salsa for desert. The burritos were hearty and the meat was always legit. In the late nineties and early aughts, as it became more popular, Pancho’s quality of ingredients got even better while the prices remained.
    All this small ‘ritto / big bucks bullish has gone down in the past five or eight years. And in my opinion, Pancho Villa deserves an award -however posthumous- for setting this burgeoning trend in quality of meat and vegetables that we see in the burritos of today.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. iheartovens said

    I agree the quality has gone downhill recently at PV, but I think that El Toro is superior to Pancho Villas despite being owned by the same people. I’ve been going to El Toro since I was a kid and I still go there because the same people have worked there for years and make a bomb burrito, even if a little more expensive than other places nearby! While El Toro was closed for renovations their staff were at PV and it was good then… after they went back to El Toro, the quality went downhill again at PV.

  3. d orozco, v said

    I would agree with CSA, there was time when, I, a young 5 year old would travel two block from my affordable mission apartment with my grandpa and eat me some good churros and burritos, before the fancy new menu and the art space, and even before they got that guy who opens the door, Pancho Villa was crackin!But I would also agree with the author about being small in size. It seems they raised their prices and shrunk the goods. $8 for a burrito, now only on special occasions.

  4. d orozco, v said

    ps. what about Hawaiian chicken, mac n cheese and rice for 5 bucks, outer mission!

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