August 30, 2010

This is my favorite burrito. Pictured is regular carnitas. 


19 Responses to “#1!: TAQUERIA LA ALTENA”

  1. Anon said

    Are there more cracks in the sidewalks these days?

    There must be, ’cause you’re straight trippin’ if you think La Altena is the best burrito in town…

  2. Why? Would love to know how it beat out the other traditional mission favorites

    • abjectera said


      I am aware of the “traditional mission favorites”! Burritos speak to everyone differently I suppose…

      I think the priorities for a burrito are: size, price, taste. El Farolito might be the best size-for-price-for-taste, and could’ve been #1 on the blog.

      Bite-for-bite, my favorite is Altena. Although I eat veggie burritos too, for me, taste really comes down to the meat. The al pastor in particular, but all the meats there, are super savory and flavorful…I think it’s crema fresca in the supers, it gets all melty and gooey with the cheese and pinto beans mmmmm….. The pico in the burritos is nice and spicy and the salsa verde from the bar is good too, but it’s really about the meat. –Manuelito

  3. Grossed OUT said

    Ugh, really? La Altena is the place I always point out to warn people away from it. The only joint I’ve known that can eff up a quesadilla. Do you know how hard you have to try to screw that up? It was like a pod or sac of fresh, hot semen! WTF? My boyfriend, who will eat anything (“We don’t waste food.”), threw it away after I gave up.

  4. […] up, the 2010 Mission Burrito Book named its controversial choice for #1 burrito in San Francisco.  I won’t ruin the suspense by spoiling the winning taqueria here, but I […]

  5. Jeff said

    I went to La Altena when it was on the corner of Bartlett and 22nd, and I swear to Flying Spaghetti Monster, they used melted nacho cheese. This declaration is a travesty, unless it’s meant to evoke ire. In which case, OSSUM!

  6. Party Pooper said

    is is a case of not paying close attention to what you’re eating: the quality of the ingredients and care taken in preparation are perfectly unremarkable in every way.

    I generally concur with burritoeater.com, especially in the case of Taquerias La Alteña: it’s in the lower third of all rated taquerias. Barely edible.

    Naming your blog “Mission Burrito Book” and rating El Farolito and La Alteña above Papalote proves you have no clue what you are doing.

    • Well, I definitely don’t the La Altena is the best burrito in town. But PAPALOTE? Really? Puh-leeze. Best Yuppie Poseur Burrito, perhaps. But for the real deal? Cancun all the way.

      • Party Pooper said

        Not saying Papalote is the best, but head and shoulders above La Altena and El Farolito, no doubt. And while I eat at Can Cun more often than any other taqueria, I wouldn’t rate them higher than Papalote. Get over the clientele and focus on the food.

      • Zig said

        I find Papalote burritos to be very very bland.

        El Farolito is basically what a Mission Burrito is

  7. Another_Original_Hipster said

    Didn’t Burritoeater have this blog beat by about 8 years?

    Let me guess… just another hipster with a camera that thinks they’re a food expert because they eat everyday.

  8. no.thanks. said

    pretty much what everybody else said but with 100% less snark.

    you hate tastebuds dont you? this is a step below the hot pocket.

  9. FloydLaw said

    Why is this blog even getting any press?

    Whatever on the ratings. The dude’s hardly hit 1/2 the burrito places in the mission, makes a top 5, then gets mentioned by all the food blogs?

    Who does he know? Is the food news that slow?

    Zero mustachios for you! burritoeater.com is the one & only.

    • abjectera said

      Finally a comment I agree with!

      I thought people would enjoy looking at some of these pictures and reading about the burritos…guess not

      And not that would it make the commentors any less cunty, but I never claimed to pick the “best in san francisco,” only “my favorite in the mission.”

      Anyway, thanks for taking me so seriously everyone! -Manuel

  10. Zig said

    I actually like the carne asada and cheese tacos at LA ALTENA for what they are which is some weird processed but tastly processed cheese slice melted between the torillias

    I also sort of like their Al Pastor because its Lebanese style

    I wouldn’t eat a burrito there though

  11. Zig said

    Also pretty nice salsa bar

  12. Darred said

    Jeeez, the dude is just sharing some nice photos and his opinions….

  13. This dude is clearly from the east…or even worse….LA.

    We all know El Farolito on 24th (not mission) boiled chicken or carne asado is top.

    Cancun at 19th best Veggie.

    But it’s all good….one needs to keep an edge and stay controversial and pick the non-favored in order attract the ladies after gaining 20lbs in the name of research.

    Thanks for the subjectivity.

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