I just got back from Texas, last two days all I ate was two Whataburgers and a case of Lone Star, and I’m back after a red eye flight needing nourishment. I went here cause  in addition to all the standard meat and veggie burritos, they also have a whole selection of specialty veggie burriotos, with different varietys of grilled vegtables, tofu, cactus, spanish vs brown vs ginger rice. Everything is fresh and delcious. This is grilled zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms; w/ spinach leaves, mango salsa, black beans and rice, on a whole wheat tortilla. I wrote all the ingredients down, in a rare display of hard-hitting burrito journalism. It’s good but afterward I kinda feel like going to a taco truck to get some hardcore greasy carne asada. $6.67. SIZE:…3.5/5   PRICE:…3.5/5   MEAT:…N/A   OVERALL:…3.5/5   WEBSITE