August 27, 2010

Not sure if anyone will agree with me, but I think this spot is totally underrated. Everything on the menu is good, and the burritos are a nice size. Pictured: super pollo asado;


This place is way underrated. On this particular occasion, the carnitas was close to perfect. Fried nice and crispy. This is an awesome burrito, I don’t know why I never hear people talk about it. $5.75. SIZE:…3.75/5   PRICE:…3.25/5   MEAT:…4.75/5   OVERALL:…3.92   WEBSITE

Broccoli, carrots, corn, peas, lettuce, fresch pico, black beans and rice. Good size, fresh ingredients, great price, I really like this place. $4.75. SIZE:…4/5   PRICE:…4.5/5   MEAT:…N/A  OVERALL:…4.25/5                     WEBSITE