Week in review (8/14-8/21)

August 21, 2010

BEST: Los Coyotes

HONORABLE MENTION: El Tonayense, El Faro


The lowest-cost burrito in the Mission, right? $4.40. It’s not delicious or anything, but it’s not bad. The crazy thing about this restauraunt is their pigeons everywhere, they’ll hop right on the table, eyeing your tortilla chips. $4.40. SIZE:…2.75/5   PRICE:…5/5   MEAT:…2.5/5   OVERALL:…3.13/5   WEBSITE

I read this place claims to have served the first Mission burrito in 1961, although the wikipedia article is skeptical because they didn’t have large tortillas back then (it says the first Mission burrito was served at La Cumbre in 1969). This is a delcious burrito that loses points for not being big. Awesome carne asada, it sits in a vat of it’s own juices and is all tender and flavorful, almost like a brisket. $6.99. SIZE:…3/5   PRICE:…3.5/5   MEAT:…4/5   OVERALL: 3.5/5   WEBSITE

This place is way underrated. On this particular occasion, the carnitas was close to perfect. Fried nice and crispy. This is an awesome burrito, I don’t know why I never hear people talk about it. $5.75. SIZE:…3.75/5   PRICE:…3.25/5   MEAT:…4.75/5   OVERALL:…3.92   WEBSITE

Painted on the wall: “House of the best southwestern veggie burrito in the world.” This might be. Grilled zucchini, carrots, mushrooms & onions; plus all the usual super burrito fixin’s. The vegetable’s are sauteed in a tangy-sweet sauce, tastes like barbecue sauce (I guess that’s why it’s “southwestern”). Great burrito, can hold it’s own against Papalote for sure. $5.75. SIZE:…4/5   PRICE:…4/5   MEAT:…N/A  OVERALL:…4/5   WEBSITE

Decent. The grilled chicken tastes good. Dangerously close to fitting in the “small size/high cost” category. Burrito gentrification is a serious issue people! This burrito can get by I suppose, but far from flying colors.  $6.00. SIZE:…2.5/5   PRICE:…2.5/5   MEAT…3.25/5   OVERALL: 2.75/5   WEBSITE

This is good. Am I drunk? OK it’s at least not bad. $6.50 i think, (i’m drunk). Apologies for the photo of my apartment, which doesnt probly make anything look more appetizing. SIZE:…3.25/5    PRICE:…3.25/5    MEAT:…2.25/5   OVERALL…: 2.91/5   WEBSITE

Week in review (8/7-8/14)

August 14, 2010

BEST: El Farolito

HONORABLE MENTION: El Metate, Los Coyotes, La Taqueria

WORST: Pancho Villa

This is a pretty good burrito, but at this price, it’s  an excellent burrito.  It’s $5 out the door, which would make it like $4.50 or something plus tax. It’ s a little on the slender side, but tasty. This is as cheap as good burritos get. SIZE:…3/5   PRICE:…5/5   MEAT:…3.5/5   OVERALL:…3.83   WEBSITE 

This is my second burrito today (I do it for the love). I think El Farolito is a very good all-around classic Mission style burrito. People should keep eating here. $5.75. SIZE:…3.75/5   PRICE:…4.75/5   MEAT:…4.0/5   OVERALL:…4.17   WEBSITE